Eric F. Mossman, Architect, brings 45 years of experience in architecture and engineering, with over 500 projects completed, both in residential and commercial, with a primary focus on custom residential homes.  Putting your dreams into real life is his goal. 

Eric’s homes showcase the return to the timeless traditional lines of architecture.  Each design, individually hand-drawn, fully compliments its site.  No matter the size or the style you may choose, that “welcome home” feel draws you from your first step onto the land.   “Grand” and “Inviting” best describes Eric’s classic homes.

There will be the spectacular panoramic vistas framed by beautiful windows, the gorgeous ceiling treatments in well-placed rooms, with the generous wood trims and cabinetry. This, coupled with versatile built-ins throughout, and state-of –the-art kitchens make for the magnificent.

Step further inside.  Keenly evident is Eric’s artisan attention to every detail.  Something as luxuriously simple as the shower sky lighting, or even that petite window in the closet--all these, great and small, are a composite of that place of longing called --- HOME!

Italianates, Cape Cods, Old Spanish, French, Tuscany style, just to name a few; throw in a Modern here and there-- Eric’s zest for design is a challenge that others may dread.

And, if modern is your palate, Eric Mossman is no stranger to this structural marvel.  He will go beyond your imagination with innovative design, all the while maintaining that feeling of “coming home”.​

Summary of Qualifications


            State of California - License No. C-19718
            State of Hawaii - License No. 11187
            State of Utah - License No. 3083283-0301
            State of Colorado - License No. 305807

              State of Idaho - License No. AR-986642

COMMISSIONER: California Architects Board

REGISTERED DISASTER SAFETY ASSESSMENT WORKER: Office Emergency Service, State of California No. SA960601 (Structural & Safety Inspection for hi/lo rise buildings)

MEMBER OF AIA: American Institute of Architects No. 22558606 (Orange County, California, & National Chapters)

MEMBER RAIC: Royal Architectural Institute of Canada No. 10756

NCARB CERTIFIED: National Council Architectural Registration Board No.  47009. (Certified for registrations in all states in the U.S., United Kingdom, England, Scotland, & Canada)

FELLOW, CHARTER MEMBER OF DEAN’S SOCIETY: College of Architecture & Environmental Design, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California

HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Graduate School of Design, Professional Studies

OWNER: Eric F. Mossman Architects, AIA


FORMER DIRECTOR: Pacific Coast Homebuilders, LLC


FORMER PROJECT MANAGER/HEAD DESIGNER: Hugh Brooks & Associates Structural Engineers/ Architects           

45 years education/ experience in architecture

Completion of over 500 projects from design, engineering, and construction management. Over 400 Residential and 100 Commercial Projects

PCBC Golden Nugget Award Winner



A        R        C        H        I        T        E        C       T 

The Eric F. Mossman Philosophy


"There remains great untouched beauty in simplicity."

​"A sound, strongly engineered building is the way to go these days, holding true from my earliest days of architecture."